Tuesday, March 6, 2012

I'm moving

I think I've had a hard time blogging here because this blog doesn't represent who I am. So I'm on a journey and hope my new blog will be me...

Join me:)

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Love Day

I have no strong feelings towards this day either way. I think its more important to love eachother every day. The commercialization of it all is amusing to me. The stores full of mean trying to make up for a whole year of neglicence. So they spent tons of $$$ on useless chocolate and overpriced flowers.
We decided that we would make today all about our little family. Our family date will consist of chili cheese dogs, fries, veggies and a special ice cream cake Jason is picking up for us! Cohen is excited to finally be allowed to be apart of a "date."
Today is so beautiful here! I took the boys on a walk and for the first time Pax didn't scream the whole time! On our way home Cohen said he would like to go out for lunch. So we walked to our favourite soup/sandwich place and had a mother/sons date:) (I took a picture but I can't figure out how to get it off my phone!)
Make sure you take the time to appreciate the ones you love today whether you can be with them or not.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Birthday Goals 2012

Today is my 25th birthday. I'm not afraid of getting older but I'm afraid of being old. Does that make sense? One of my life goals is to make sure I use my life wisely. To make sure I am always on track I give myself daily, weekly, yearly goals. Not on paper necessarily but in my mind. Here's the list of things I would like have accomplished before I turn 26.
1. Read 2-3 books a month
2. Finish the boys baby books
3. Set up my etsy/online shop.
4. Get another 2 personal training clients.
5. Receive my Nutrition and Wellness Certification.
6. Aim to Eat clean and balanced.
7. Go on an awesome 6th anniversary trip.
8. Sew pillows for our bedroom.
9. Learn to quilt and make a quilt for Cohen's big boy bed.
10. Run at least one 10k race perhaps even a half marathon!

I'll start with 10 goals and I'll go from there.
I'll get back to my coffee and kitkat cheesecake now:)

Friday, January 27, 2012

writing the truth (a ramble)

At night, I sit in my bed, pen in hand. My hand trembles with the words it wants to write. The blank page screaming at me. What's so scary about writing something on paper? Terror grips me. I want to write. I want to    document my feelings..my thoughts. The truth is raging beneath my skin. I don't think I'm hiding anything big. Sometimes its just frightening to believe that am.
There's the issue of heart, and who has it. Contentment. Perfection. Responsibility. These are things that everyone thinks about.
I'm given one life. Just one. Then I will be judged according to what I did with that life. What if I'm not doing everything I can?
Seeing the words on the screen or on paper..that's forever. What if other people think the way I'm thinking? I hope..I'm not the only one.

Friday, November 25, 2011

And the Christmas Countdown Begins...

Well...technically I start my offical countdown on December 1st. Two years ago I purchased the advent calendar kit from Red Velvet and use it as a tradition with my family. Every year I plan out twenty four days of fun activities and/or treats. It used to be only for Jason and I, but as Cohen gets older I'm having more fun creating memories with him.
I know as a rule, boys are not into home decor crafts but I'm definetly planning on doing this together:)

This is so Going on my Christmas DIY list!!

So simple! All you need is a wreath form, glue, and some coffee filters!

(Pinterest is so awesome!)

Sunday, November 13, 2011

favourite fall accessory


I absolutely love my cowl. I made it over a year ago now and it is my go to warm accessory. I use it in the fall and all through winter into those cool spring mornings.
Every time I wear it, I'm always asked where I got it. I sold my first one last spring to a lady I met at a meeting and she loves hers too!
I'm selling them through my facebook page. I'm pumped that other people like them too.
They are perfect for breastfeeding too. Scarves and big sweaters are too bulky. The cowl provides a little cozy hider:)

Monday, October 17, 2011

{faith} Psalms

This fall, in Sunday School, we are working through the pratical application of Praise. The pastor (my dad!) is challenging us to memorize scripture. Honestly, I haven't done this for at least 12 years. As a class we are working through some Psalms.

This class has been personally challenging for me. Its forcing me out of my comfort zone, which is definetly a good thing. I find its so much easier to worship the Lord, then praise Him. Praise is supposed to be loud and clamourous. I would rather listen to some worship music, close my eyes, and be silent.

While reading my Bible this morning, I came across a verse that really woke me up:

With every bone in my body, I will praise Him...
Psalm 35:10A

Every bone? I can hardly comprehend that. That means with everything that I am I praise Him. Giving everything in Praise. So vulnerable.

My toddler has been a major inspiration and example to me of this verse. If I put on a praise cd, he will dance around without any regard for anybody. Purely innocent. He has no insecurities. He will yell at the top of his lungs: "Hallelujah" "Yeah, Jesus!" He always asks me to dance with Him. I do. But I can't do it like him. I always hold back. I don't want to look foolish, but it shouldn't matter. Praise is about giving back to Jesus. He has done so much for me. It shouldn't matter what others think. It should only matter what He thinks.

Its easy to type, easy to say...but extremely difficult to live out. Its a journey. I'm working on it! I want to live with no abandon. Fully free.